About Us

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The Women & Girls Alliance Leeds is an alliance of 12 organisations that provide support and services for women and girls in Leeds. We believe that working together as an alliance enables us to provide more rounded support, and to have a stronger influence in creating positive change in our city.
The organisations in our alliance span a wide range of specialisms including health, domestic violence support, youth work, education and training, and more. Between us we have a wealth of experience in providing support services, and working as an alliance allows us to share our expertise with one another.
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Our Purpose Statement

We are a diverse group of women and girls’ organisations in Leeds. We believe all women and girls should be able to live healthy, safe, and full lives. We work with each other to make this happen.

What We do

  • Listen to women and girls and ensure their voices are heard by decision makers
  • Disrupt and seek to change systems that don’t put the diverse needs and interests of all women at their heart
  • Support and encourage each other to grow.

Our Projects

The Women & Girls Alliance also run the Women’s Lives Leeds projects. Women’s Lives Leeds is a set of projects aimed at improving support services for women and girls in Leeds, as well as elevating the voices of women in the city through movement-based work, strategic alliance working, and creating service user feedback mechanisms for women who have used alliance services.

The Empowering Systems Change project, part of Women’s Lives Leeds, provides a complex needs service, supporting women who require one-to-one support which other single speciality services may not have been able to provide. The Empowering Systems Change project also includes the Women Speak Group, which is an advisory board for women who have used alliance organisation services, where women can influence service and find out about voice and influence opportunities across Leeds. The project also includes the Women’s Lives Leeds Directory, and Strategic Working within the Alliance, to increase the influence of the women’s voices in local and regional decision making.

The Women Friendly Leeds movement constitutes the second part of the Women’s Lives Leeds project. Women Friendly Leeds is a movement to make Leeds a women friendly city, and runs events and camapaigns to engage with women across the city about a range of topics. There are many ways to get involved with Women Friendly Leeds including through joining their ambassadors’ network, or attending their women’s hubs, part of the Equality Hub network from Leeds City Council’s Equality Assembly.

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“As a small charity, we really appreciate being part of a wider alliance of women’s and girls’ organisations that share our intersectional feminist values. Working together with trusted partners to combat violence against women and girls and inequity gives us greater reach, voice and impact and, for me personally, provides some invaluable daily solidarity and sisterhood.” – Katie Russell, CEO of Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds

“As a proud member of the Women & Girls Alliance Leeds, we are empowered by the collective strength and feminist principles that underpin this alliance. Being part of this vibrant community fuels our mission to create a more inclusive and equitable society for women and girls. Together, we amplify our impact, foster collaboration, and drive positive change that uplifts and transforms lives.” – Rokaiya Khan, CEO of Together Women